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Locally Owned and Operated in San Marcos

Our Services
We have worked with many different types of pools and spas in the greater San Diego area for the last 40 years. In addition to above-ground plumbing and electrical repair, we are able to offer the following services to residents of North County:


Pool Service

We will perform a complete water analysis, balance your pool water, clean out your filter, add mineral purifier and algaecide. Regular Pool Care.



We will maintain an optimal water chemistry and balance, ensure your pool or spa is crystal clean, monitor your equipment (including any backwashing your filter may need).



Twice a year, we will clean your filter and add a mineral purifier booster. Most pool techs only perform these services once a year. Your pool filter is your first line of defense. At Nathan Baker’s Pool Service, we believe that twice yearly cleanings will help to ensure proper water quality and clarity.
As always, we offer the highest level of customer service. We are always on time and put people first. That means we want the best for your pool, too!
1620 Bay Hill Dr | San Marcos CA 92069