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Is your swimming pool functioning properly? To ensure your family's safety, it’s vital to make sure that you maintain your swimming pool properly. If you neglect to keep up with maintenance, you could risk losing thousands of dollars in repair fees and putting your health at risk. Some people do not want to spend their time maintaining swimming pools by themselves. They want to use this time to relax and enjoy the benefits of having a pool in the house.

Nowadays people understand that they cannot keep the pool in good condition without a pool cleaning service in San Diego, CA. If you are one of them, it is essential to recognize the signs that you need pool maintenance service.

Here are some signs that you need pool maintenance services:

1. Clogged Filter

The filter is an essential part of your swimming pool because it removes impurities from water and prevents them from getting into the pump and clogging it. That is why it is necessary to clean it regularly and repair it. When its performance reduces or stops altogether, you should call for professional help immediately!

2. Discolored Water

Water in green or brown color shows that a high amount of algae has formed in the water. And if this is not dealt with promptly, it can lead to severe problems with the health of people who use this water for swimming. Moreover, algae can cause damage to tiles as well as interior finishes. It can also clog pipes, filters, and other components of your swimming pool system!

3. Water Smells Bad

A foul smell coming from your pool isn't just unpleasant; it can also indicate an underlying problem, such as an air leak in your pump or a chemical imbalance. Pool maintenance experts will be able to identify and solve such issues for you.

4. Water is Cloudy

This is one of the most common signs that indicate that your pool needs professional service. Cloudy water is not only unpleasant to swim in but also unsafe. It could mean that the chemicals are out of balance, the filter needs cleaning or replacing, or the plumbing system has a problem. A good pool maintenance service provider will address these issues for you.

5. The water level is dropping

It's normal for the water level to drop due to evaporation and splashing. But if you notice that the water level is dropping more than usual, you might leak somewhere in your pool equipment or plumbing lines. A pool maintenance technician can locate and patch up the leak as soon as possible.

Hire Professional Pool Maintenance

Taking care of your swimming pool can be quite a task and take up your time. At Nathan Baker’s Pool Service, we deliver professional pool cleaning services in San Diego. Our team has experience dealing with problems, including pool repairs, leak repairs, and more. Whether you want your pool cleaned or to fix a few glitches, we are always ready to help.

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